On this page you will learn about:

- Community engagement in action.

- Principles and definitions of community engagement.

- History of racism and oppression in research.


Community Engagement Videos: 

Not sure where to start, but interested in Community Engagement? Check out these videos to learn more and see what people around the country are doing. 

 What is Community Engaged Research?
 Why Are Community Advisory Boards So Critical?
Cultural Humility


Community Engagement
Principles of Trustworthiness
SOLARS Community Accountability Council Explains Why They Participated in research
Principles of Trustworthiness Community Video (Spanish Subtitles)
 Community Engagement in Health Research: A Review of Popular Strategies. Sara Ackerman, Ph.D.


Community Engagement Definitions:

Stay abreast of new and emerging Community Engagement language and terminology.

Photo of a children's playground with graffiti on the wall that says "Yes! I will Succeed!". Above the photo is the title "CBR Glossary".

CBPR Glossary

OSHU Logo with yellow, green, and blue swirls above the text.

Community Engagement Glossary

  Green poster with white and pink borders titled "An Introduction to Effectiveness, Dissemination and Implementation Research- A Resource Manual for Community-Engaged Research". Below lists names of editors.

An Introduction to Effectiveness, Dissemination and Implementation Research

Community Engagement Guiding Principles: 

What does it mean to be trustworthy and accountable when collaborating with community partners?

The Principles of Trustworthiness written surrounded by 9 colorful boxes of scientific symbols.

CBPR Glossary

Discover Your Community via
Appreciative Inquiry

"Utilizing the Toolkit: 10 Principles of Trustworthiness" written in white with an ombre background including orange, purple, and yellow.

Utilizing the Toolkit: 10 Principles of Trustworthiness


UNC Logo of a yellow bear and "Office of Engagement" written with "Partnership Principles" underneath. A  yellow seal that reads Carnegie Foundation elective community engagement classification.

Partnership Principles

   National Center for Community Schools logo with a colorful diamond above and "Principles of Effective Partnerships" written next to the logo.

Principles of Effective Partnerships

History of Racism & Oppression in Research:

This website provides many resources for understanding the history of racism, oppression, and colonization in our society. These materials can be used to address bias, exclusion and hierarchy in academic instituitions. Our hope is that this serves as a guide to foster genuine community partnerships and collaboration and share power and knowledge as it pertains research.

"Community Tool Box" written in green, orange, and purple with a figure of 3 people and the middle figure's head is an orange sun. Below reads "Justice Action Toolkit".

Justice Action Toolkit



 Diagram titled "Aspire Recomendations". Diagram includes invest, commit to, promote, and support, create, establish and support, challenge, and increase.